Is it possible to get a k40 to work on a Mac OS X

Is it possible to get a k40 to work on a Mac OS X without boot camp

@3D_Laser I am on Mac, well I make a stone 2 birds, I mod the board and went for open sources, and get rid of all trouble at once. see K40+Smoothie=SmoothK40

I keep hearing about modding but don’t know where to begin I am about to buy a 360 dollar eBay special but I am not for sure what board it will come with

get your K40 (cheapest is best before chineese new year), you will be able to mod a bit later. (about 150USD)
+Peter van der Walt will come with a new board soon, a bit of patience … (another Smoothie compatible)

What is a smoothie board? And how much is it

Smoothie is a firmware made by arthur Wolf. it work on board based with lpc1769 (more modern and powerfull than Ramps/arduino solution). You can support @Arthur_Wolf by buying from link on (USA or EU).
other board are also compatible under different brand…

when mod is done well you have a open source K40 with a usb (possibly ethernet) with no more ties with chinese softwares. and open source is fantastic, with community in english support.

Would I need a new board then? I’m not that great at electronics I don’t know how well I would trust myself to rewire the machine

well it’s not complicated, if you are not sure get some help.
it’s just a board exchange, nothing “electronic”, maybe some connectors to solder at max. if you wait for +Peter van der Walt I am sure you will see a tutorial comming.

forgot to mention, the new K40, had some mods made (air assist, laser pointer), but are still with proprietary electronic and software. not a lot for the price difference, and board mod still to do.