Is it possible to do video output using fastspi_led2 ?

Is it possible to do video output using fastspi_led2 ?
Im currently using the OctoWS2811 lib on teensy3.
I would like to control all the strips with a single pin or 2, octows2811 does 1 strip per pin

Not with WS2811 strips, you can’t. Those strips only move data at 800kbps - which is actually pretty slow. OctoWS2811 attempts to work around that by writing 8 strips in parallel, and is, in general, what I recommend to people who want to do video walls.

In theory, you can do it with LPD8806’s, which can push 10-20Mbps data rates. However, you’d still need to have multiple strips of LPD8806s most likely - but still coming off of a single pair of clock/data pins - but then you’d also need to devote 4 pins to driving a mux to toggle between which strip is getting data as each line is written out (one of the examples that I intend to write when I get my time back in early july).

(The other thing I want to do come july is wrap OctoWS2811 with our library so you can mix and match our hsv/fast led code with OctoWS2811’s multi-line, DMA based output).

Kinda stuck with WS2811 considering I got 40M of it :slight_smile: Looking forward to the combined support

@Daniel_Garcia Would the teensy 3 with octows2811 be the best you’de suggest for video on a 16x60 ?

Yeah - probably a pair of teensy’s, in fact - Paul’s got a bunch of sample code with OctoWS2811 that is geared towards that.

(My own personal LED project work doesn’t lend itself terribly well to LED walls, for better or worse - though for the project that i’m currently working on, I’m doing something that may make this a little bit more doable on a duo, but more on that in a couple of weeks - and it may not be releasable until mid-late summer, so I wouldn’t wait on it).

Yeah I’m using 2 teensy’s, guess I’ll stick with that for now