Is it necessary to buy laser accessories for a 40w laser engraver


I am a beginner in handicraft and want to make some small things to enrich my home. I purchased a 40w laser engraver a few days ago, but I’m not sure if it’s necessary to buy some accessories, such as laser tubes, focusing lenses and rotating axes. I purchased the laser engraver from OMTech( Could you professionals give some advice?

Thanks in advance.

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Personally I do not carry spares. I don’t run it as a business, so I would order replacement parts if and when.

They seem to be quiet reliable, so long as you don’t push the tube over the limits.

There is a wealth of information on here regarding best usage, safety, modification etc.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and post your projects.


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At the top of every page, you’ll see a link: K40 Intro. It links to a set of articles in the #k40:intro category that are intended together to give you the key knowledge you need to operate your laser safely and economically.

A few highlights:

  • Safety: don’t operate the laser with the cover up. It is strongly recommended to add interlocks if your K40 didn’t come so equipped, so that the laser won’t fire with the cover up. Don’t ever operate the laser unattended, not even for 30 seconds. Have a CO2 fire extinguisher handy. Read What can I cut with a laser cutter/engraver? so you know what materials can release toxic fumes if you try to cut them.
  • Cooling: If you don’t cool the tube right, it will die quickly. You can use the :mag: icon at the top of the page to search for tem01 to see examples of how it is likely to die. We have an entire article on Cooling the K40 laser tube that has more information than you probably want, but tells you how to spend either time or money to avoid cooking that brand new tube.

Thank you very much! I’m currently just using it for engraving some wood and leather and other materials, so I don’t really need to buy it now, but when I need it.

Thank you very much! This knowledge is so timely for me.

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