is it just me or is impossible to find a 1kg of White 1.75mm PLA in

is it just me or is impossible to find a 1kg of White 1.75mm PLA in the US right now? Please someone take my money…

Tons of 1.75 white PLA on amazon.

This is one of many options that came up:

Though, I admit I didn’t click through them all to see where they were sourcing from, and one at least was priced in CAD.

Are you looking locally, versus online?

D’oh! And NOW I see it’s listed as out of stock.

There’s these guys with a 30 day lead time from out of NY:

And both Amazon and eBay claim to have some available.

@ThantiK do you have any experience with buying from any of the amazon suppliers? I’ve have some bad experiences with cheap Chinese supplier in the past.

@Joe_Murphy not any of them personally, but many of the people at the lab have bought 1.75mm from amazon (various suppliers) and have only had 1 jam from the 3mm going through a 0.35 nozzle. – but no problems at all for the 1.75mm stuff.

Hackaday just posted the winner for the contest to build a filament extruder. Time to take it to the next level?

I’ve been using “Jet” ABS filament from Amazon (prime shipping was the draw) - and it has been great so far. 2.92mm very consistent diameter, have had only one jam in a roll and a half (that I probably caused.)