is it just me, or does everyone get this?

is it just me, or does everyone get this? (Ubuntu with Firefox 17.0.1)


I’m having problems too. I just checked from my phone using safari and chrome.

Yeah, looks like someone uploaded malware to cnczone or hacked in.

I have been getting the same for a few days now. Not the best timing since I am helping a friend get a Milltronics Centurian 7 networked and I know there are a couple posts at cnczone on the topic.

Hi jeff, share a post on here about the topic. That’s what we are about!

I’ve experienced this too and we’ve had a discussion why The Zone is reported as malware infected (I’m a moderator and we had the discussion between the mod’s). There are believes that this is a false detection. I’ve been scanning the site several times and I’ve never found a malware, but I personally think that this warning was caused by one of the banners. It also takes some time before the report is removed automatically. should give you some examples of URLs that are being a problem, which can help track it down. Malware can be very stealthy.