Is it just me or does anyone else spend hours watching their printer print?

Is it just me or does anyone else spend hours watching their printer print?

I think this is normal at the beginning :wink: Still watching my print, never know what will going wrong

It is hypnothic

Oh, lucky man, you have completed it.
I am still assembling mine, but even now I spend minutes looking at it to see if there is something wrong… and it is not yet printing … :slight_smile:

A year and a half later, I’m still watching it in awe. lol

One of the reasons for writing @OctoPrint was my wish to be able to do exactly that via my browser :slight_smile:

Kept at it Roberto, take your time in assembly I think is the key. Had my machine 3 months and still learning… settings, design etc… But it’s worth it… To design something on the computer and then see it appear is amazing

I’ve been in subtractive machining for fifteen years, I still watch.

My machine has become reliable enough that I’ll occasionally get mesmerized by it, but not nearly as often. I usually just hit print and walk away.

Could watch it all day.

It’s a really common thing. Five printers and countless kilograms of filament later i still catch myself gazing at the printhead moving around. I guess the mesmerizing sounds of the printer might have something to do with it, too - which might explain why @ThantiK manages to stay abstinent :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It’s like a baby being born… Something you have created appears before your very eyes… I can’t stop watching mine…

Friday I turned on the printer and cleaned the lab. Usually I stay in the same room but do something else; sew, solder, draw the next print , etc.