is heating up! New Cube desktop  printer announced by 3D Systems   Originally shared

#2013CES is heating up! New Cube desktop #3D printer announced by @3D_Systems

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@3D_Systems announces its new Cube #3D printer at #2013CES

“greater materials selection…ABS and PLA”.
I’m not convinced

“awarded…by Make Magazine”
That was the old Cube. Properties like reliability don’t carry over to new models.

vendor locked cartridges
…that’s exactly what people want in their printers, is it?

It’s faster and “more accurate” whatever that means.
Considering we’re all working with positioning accuracy fast better then the plastic we’re extruding is wide.

From the picture on the cubify website it looks like the hardware stayed the same. Since they cloned the Up! the hardware likely could do PLA anyway. It would be pretty lame if indeed it is just a software update if they don’t allow previous owners to upgrade for free.

Maybe beefier steppers, and power-supply for the heater to achieve the 2x speed.
No idea about the higher accuracy statement. Maybe nozzle size.

For as much as this community will probably take a dislike to this printer, ultimately it will be companies like 3D Systems that get machines into the homes of average consumers. As shown by Apple, a lot of people want a locked-down system if it means a simplified streamlined user experience. I know that we, in this community, greatly appreciate the speed of innovation that open designs and frameworks allow, but we also shouldn’t be so wrapped up in keeping things open that we forget about everyone else that would otherwise be interested in 3D printing with a more intuitive system.

3d systems is not going to do what it takes to bring the price down. We’re going to see $200 machines this year capable of everything and more that the Cube is capable of.

Yes, BUT I guarantee you that “Average Joe” is not going to want to futz around with something like a Makibox. The open-source community needs the big companies to keep usability in mind and the big companies need the open-source community to drive innovation and keep the price in check.

We’re not talking OS software here that requires hundreds of programmers. Decent and usable 3d printer software is perfectly within reach of a single programmer.

Once a few of the little guys start getting a few releases under their belts I think things will be a lot different. Though at that point it might make sense for the little guys to start getting bought up.

There is a blog post.
Looks like it has a new platform.

Looks like they have a new BFB printer too.

I’m afraid he is right, the common Joe just likes what they see on the cover of Wired or Popular mechanics or now Make. And that was the Rep 2. People equate marketing $$ with leadership. They have no idea what to look for or weight in a printer. Hardware or software.

@Luis_E_Rodriguez , it’s for that reason that it’s still extremely important for the open printer designs to continue innovating at breakneck speed. The community will push the commercial guys and vice versa.

Well since the MakiBox will be so cheap, think of Partners selling them assembled for $ 500 - bundled with an easy to use GUI … still beating the Cube.

Plus i don’t fully understand how they hook up three extruders and still do 27 cm x 26 x 24

@Nils_Hitze , I’m guessing the external dimensions are pretty sizeable. I want to see some more detailed pics to figure out how they have it configured though.

Finally a new @Bits_From_Bytes machine?