Is faberdashery pla worth the money.

Is faberdashery pla worth the money. It is twice as much as the fillament that I have been getting. I know they have some really special colors but does it print better?

Haven’t tried mine yet.

Yeah I would say the biggest factor is the color, if they have one you want, and you can’t get it elsewhere, it’s worth it :slight_smile:

I’ll also say that the filament I had from there had a “creamy-ness” to it, I can’t quite put my finger on it but it looks and feels less sharp than the other PLA I’ve used. This can be good or bad, depending on what you’re going for.

Other than that I’ve been just as happy with the PLA I have from Ultimachine, and the parts I make with the Ultimachine filament tend to be slightly more dimensionally stable.

Of course all of this can be explained by machine/tuning differences, so my advice is to ask them for a sample and see how it works in your machine. I’ve found that most filament companies are willing to send you a few meters to test with (especially if you offer to cover the shipping).

Buy the Rainbow Pack. Then you can see different colors and get a feel for it. It feels a bit more ABS’y than other PLA and it does not “flow” as much I think making for a more “defined” look … I have not yet bought more than the RB pack as I have not had anything to print that “deserves” the cost :slight_smile:

I made a chess board out of walnut and maple and have been printing the one side in translucent orange and I am about to make the opposing side. I was thinking the robot silver or the galaxy blue. And it gives me an excuse to try their fillament. Thanks I think I am going to get some and try it out.

A chess set like that sounds like it deserves Faberdashery PLA :slight_smile:

Get filament from printbl. Faberdashery is way too expensive to pay for because of the shipping.

For us europeans it’s the other way around.

@Marcus_Wolschon yeah, for EU - faberdashery.
For the US - PrintBL (at least for 3mm PLA)
for Aus - Diamond Age