Is EMI Filter neccessary in 3d printer?

Is EMI Filter neccessary in 3d printer?

Most people don’t bother. I think it couldn’t hurt, because my cell phone reception tends to lose a block or 2 during prints if i’m close.

Thanks for the fast respone, Mike.

Where are you considering an EMI filter - in the PSU, USB cable, motor wiring or elsewhere?
A normal printer shouldn’t need any additional filtering if you’re using normal parts. But that’s for hobby or prototyping use - if you’re aiming at CE or FCC conformity, many of the RepRap components are not up for discussion anyways.

Motor wiring are the biggest problem IMO. Like Thomas sais, don’t even think about getting things certified.

And I noticed that I get tired if it prints long enough. I suspect it comes from the 4 motors. What are the models of filters that I could somewhat easily install ?

@CornGolem i’d hardly blame that on EMI - it’s more likely that you’re inhaling too much of the plastic fumes.

Would an EMI filter prevent my printer from receiving radio?

I don’t think you know what you’re talking about.

@CornGolem There is currently no known correlation between EMI and tiredness…

@CornGolem i’ve been studying that stuff for the last four years and have been tinkering with electronics ever since i developed logical thinking. I’d like to believe that i do know what i’m talking about.
Our printers do emit some electromagnetic radiation, but not in levels that would affect the human brain. Now, if you told me you were getting drowsy while standing next to my five foot tesla coil, i’d tell you that you might be on to something there - but there’s absolutely not way (other than the placebo effect) that the printer’s radiation could get you tired.

@Thomas_Sanladerer @Michiel_Haisma
You surely know electronics but to know the effects of electronics on living organisms you need to know living organisms. A simple wire with electricity flowing through it is harmful. If EMI can perturb other equipments then there is NO DOUBT that it has an influence on living organisms.
There’s a whole field that you don’t know about, and it’s not taught in schools. If you’re curious do some researches, I will NOT debate this further here.

@CornGolem I, too, am not exactly happy about having to argue about EMI with someone who compares it to a simple wire with electricity flowing through [a flower].

Now, back on topic. @Minuk_Choi EMI measures usually prevent the equipment from transmitting radiation at the source of it - you could apply a similar filter if you’re receiving, but getting rid rid of AM reception should be as simple as playing with wiring lengths.

hasn’t a human got some sort of electronic circuitry i suppose i wouldn’t be able do much without it