Is anyone printing custom Lego parts? 

(Robin Ricketts) #1

Is anyone printing custom Lego parts?

(Bracken Dawson) #2

I’ve given it a go, not seen a decent design yet. Need to write a lego openSCAD library now I’ve seen how other designs don’t work.

(CornGolem) #3

Few days ago I saw a guy who printed a plane but I’m not sure if the parts were customs.

(Marvin Stuart) #4

Here is video I saw

(Understanding 3D Printing) #5

I did the trilego on thingiverse

(Robert Sawley) #6

Anyone made a printer out of Lego? :slight_smile:

Cheers … I’m a nooby to this but very interested in knowing more. Thanks.

(CornGolem) #7

@Robert_Sawley several people, just google it

(Michael Hohensee) #8

I’ve printed some Legos out of PLA. They aren’t as much fun to play with though, as PLA is stiffer than the ABS that Legos are made out of, and so they’re hard to assemble and disassemble. PLA is also harder than Lego plastic, and so the Lego bricks get scratched up. I haven’t tried printing them out of ABS yet…

(Michael Hohensee) #9

I’ve got an openscad file that makes Legos, and has a variable to adjust to make sure the pegs don’t print too large. I’ll see if I can post it later this week…

(Basile Laderchi) #10

Have you tried this or this I have printed neither of those.

(Understanding 3D Printing) #11 is the one I was talking about

(Robin Ricketts) #12

+Michael Hohensee. Please do post it.