Is anyone here a Meshcam user?

(George Allen) #1

Is anyone here a Meshcam user? I’m on the brink of selecting V-carve Pro (I cannot afford Aspire right now) and I’ve run across Mesh Cam. I’ve seen some pretty good things about it. I’m going to give it a try as it has a trial version.

(Kyle Kerr) #2

Stupid human question. You’ve checked YouTube for meshcam tutorials?

(George Allen) #3

@Kyle_Kerr Not yet? Will do! Thanks.

(Jarrid Kerns) #4

Let us know what you think. I’ve been mainly using fusion 360 right now

(George Allen) #5

@Jarrid_Kerns :+1:

(George Allen) #6

@Jarrid_Kerns I’ve been using Fusion, almost exclusively as well. What a great company and tool! It is so versatile. So much so, that it becomes quite complex to learn everything. I’ve been doing a lot with using their t-splines to duplicate photo images. The one limitation I’ve had is importing svg or mesh files and trying to convert those to a dxf format to cut. I’m sure it can be done efficiently, but I haven’t learned how yet. I also haven’t spent very much time using sketchup. Every time I look at it, it’s as if I’m learning a whole new software again, and I just stop.

(Kyle Kerr) #7

You could convert svg to dxf in inkscape. There are likely free convertors online.

(George Allen) #8

I’ve had some difficulty importing inkscape dxf files into fusion for some reason. Sometimes it works, others have resulted in errors. Never with the svg files though.

(George Allen) #9

Sometimes I’ll send files from inkscape to jscut, if it’s for a 2.5D cut.