Is anyone actively working on a Configuration Settings management widget for CP?

Is anyone actively working on a Configuration Settings management widget for CP?
As we all know, there are a lot of parameters to manage and one missed decimal point can ruin your day, or a milling bit.
My thinking would be a widget that would read a settings set from a text file (such as the attached example, a typical $$ screen scrape from CoolTerm), extract settable parameters and send them to tinyG.
Also important would be the ability to reverse the process, create a new file from current settings that I like.
Using text files would make it possible to create off-line new configurations and are helpful for troubleshooting and sharing.
Using JSON notation would be more efficient, but could be troublesome for folks just getting started and CP already has excellent text to JSON conversion built in.
I don’t want to burn a lot of time if someone has already started down this path.

@Kevin_Hauser is working on one and he’s getting pretty close.

True … although the initial version won’t use any local storage … it’s more like the facility offered in tgfx. Cool idea, though!

I was going to pass on the “Motor/Axis Tab” (ala tgFX) view for now, a lot of GUI work but undoubtedly that will be more useful for folks just getting started.
Maybe I’ll focus on the file based I/O underneath what you are doing. Code posted anywhere yet.
I assume you are using fw 438.02 - there are a few more parameters there than tgFX displayed last I used it

Take a look under the upper right “caret” pulldown menu in the TinyG widget. There’s a link called Configure. That loads Kevin’s work in progress modal dialog. His JSFiddle is at

Just like I’m loading Kevin’s widget dynamically when you click “Configure,” Kevin could load your widget from his modal dialog so that you can work independently from him. That approach is working well in other parts of ChiliPeppr, so why not here as well.

Thanks, John. Lots to look at. First up - your " How to Fork A Fiddle" video.

Carl, in not much time the widget will be done enough to add a local storage mechanism if you’re interested…

I am looking at your Configure window on Jan16 after refresh of the web page, so it is ‘current’. Is there a better way to communicate what ‘version’ I am running?

Observation 1: When I open Configure from the carot in TinyG Widget in Chromium (the Linux version of Chrome), it opens in the middle of the CP window, sort of as I expect. When I do the same open on Firefox, Firefox opens a new blank Tab and switches focus to that Tab. When I click back to the CP Tab, Configure is open in the middle of the workspace.
Are you developing on Chrome, IE or ?

Observation 2: What opens is the Motor Settings Tab, and I can switch among X, Y, Z and A. Likewise I can click the Axis Tab and view X, Y, Z and A. What displays is defaults at this point. Do I need to do something to activate a query of the tinyG, or is that still pending?

John - I know, somehow, you are watching :). Are these discussions better had here or over in the CP forum?

Hi Carl, add of right now the widget should be communicating with your tinyg and displaying it’s configured values. This assumes you have ChiliPeppr connected to the tinyg.
To answer your question I develop with Chrome.

I am running in Chromium, communicating with tinyG via the Serial Console, so connectins working.
Your ‘Configure’ does not seem to be communicating with tinyG; I see no USB activity (LEDs) when I open the Configure Widget.
I’ll keep playing.

What do you see at the top of the dialog? Does it say it’ll be read only or something like “Use at your own risk”? If the latter, you have old code for some reason…

Any of you can add a forcerefresh=true to the url to force chilipeppr to re download the fiddle

Top of mine has no “Use at your own risk”, I see “… currently reads from TinyG only, no update)” per HTML line 15 (looking at your Fiddle.)
Again, wondering out loud, JS Line 8 says // NEW VERSION for SPJS v1.7, and what follows has a reference to I am running SPJS 1.75, perhaps that is the issue?

I don’t know a lot about SPJS, but I am using it via ChiliPeppr, so if it works for one it should work for all. You can try entering
{“x”:""} in the serial console … it should reply with all of the information for the X axis. That’s exactly what my widget does…

BTW, I am not home right now, so all I can offer is “remote” ideas.

I fully understand…
Family first, Work second and play with computers as appropriate. :slight_smile:
I am hoping John may comment on SPJS 1.7 vs 1.75. I am not nearly conversant enough in JS and Fiddle to tell if JS line 9 is hard wired to Ver 1.7 only.
BTW, communications thru SP Console are fully working(I am debugging Spindle PWM at the moment)

I believe the problem is you don’t have Kevin’s latest code so you have to do force refresh

Look at my comment a few comments ago. You can also force refresh from upper right pull down in chilipeppr next to login

Thanks for hint John, already tried force refresh.
Also turned on Debug Console output, don’t see any mesages as Configure starts up