Is anyone able to upgrade their software? I'm using BBB-eMMC-flasher-2013.05.08.

Is anyone able to upgrade their software? I’m using BBB-eMMC-flasher-2013.05.08.

opkg update
mkdir /home/root/tmp
opkg -t /home/root/tmp upgrade

Hello Hassam!
After installing Debin, how do you install the particular BBB node.js/cloud9/dev environment that on Debian that comes with our Angstrom distribution?

This looks like a good blog post on the subject.

Here’s the flashing and subsequent opkg update that worked for me:

  1. At the link, I selected the download there for “Production Image 2013.05.08” ( I had to right-click and use “Download linked file as…”, though “curl -O” would work fine too

  2. installed xz on Mac OS X: “brew install xz”

  3. as root user, copied flasher image onto microSDHC card: “xz -dkcv /Users/your_user_name_here/Downloads/BBB-eMMC-flasher-2013.04.13-DDR3-400MHz.img.xz > /dev/disk1” (using for direction)

  4. process #3 above took around 15min to complete on my particular hardware

  5. inserted freshly-imaged microSDHC card into powered-off BeagleBone Black, then powered it up while holding down the user/boot button. Waited until all 4 activity lights lit up before releasing

  6. set my iPhone timer for 45 minutes. Sure enough, that’s almost exactly how long the flash update took

  7. set my Mac’s primary network access to wifi

  8. in Mac OS X Sharing Preferences, turned on Internet Sharing, sharing my wifi connection to Ethernet (to give DNS to the BBB)

  9. Plugged in BBB ethernet to my Mac’s Ethernet port, then plugged BBB’s miniUSB into Mac’s USB port

  10. ssh’d into BBB: “ssh root@

  11. pinging confirmed internet access active

  12. tested “opkg update”, “mkdir /home/root/tmp”, and “opkg -t /home/root/tmp upgrade”. All completed without incident!

Debian supports Node.js and cloud9 is a Node.js package.

The real question is do you want to waste the time (do the learning) to switch from a system already on your BBB