Is anybody using chilipeppr with Clearpath servos?

Is anybody using chilipeppr with Clearpath servos? Clearpath offers a line of SK servos that are supposedly easy drop-in replacements for stepper motors. Has anyone taken the leap and tried them yet? I am very tempted. This would make my toolchain chilipeppr to the TinyG to Clearpath servos.

Hay Tom. yep i am using them with a TinyG. on my 2 year not quite there build.

@Davey_Rance Do you feel all of their braggadocio is justified? It’s a substantial expense, but worth it for me if they are everything they claim to be.

@Tom_Matthews I have clearpaths on my machine. Works great but be aware that the tinyg enable is hard coded to pull the pin high on enable, where as the clearpath wants to be pulled low to enable. I had to compile custom firmware to change that. Wish tinyg had a config option to invert that.

Ultimately frustrated that when I would kill my machine in chillipeppr and it would continue to run. A fatal flaw of the tinyg, I switched over to the smoothieboard.

@Anthony_Webb I suppose my best solution to that would be to use a signal inverter. That shouldn’t be too difficult to look up and build into the circuit. I can’t think of a reason why that wouldn’t work.

hhmm my thoughts…

dam near silent when running. Reduces the amount of noise that the device makes when not running the spindle. (Once the spindle is turned on then that makes so much noise then it dosnt matter.)

When you say to go to a position the clearpath will stay at that position if it is unable to then it will throw a fault that can be wired in to a endstop to cause a fault to get the tinyg to stop.

the motors seem more powerfull based on the size of the unit compared to the steppers that were replaced.

dont seem to generate much immune noise as the signals that are sent are all digital and power is directly to the stepper. So you dont have all the high power switched.

Need different powersupply to the typical ones used for steppers.

TinyG is 3v3 and the clearpath needs at least 5v to work reliably


@Tom_Matthews i used something silimar to for level shifting / inversion.

@Davey_Rance WOW. No deal breakers yet. Thank you for your thoughts everyone.

I use Smoothie/Laserweb3 for Laser and Tinyg/Chilipeppr for CNC. They are both incredible tools and both will work with Clearpath and other servos (there are cheaper alternatives).

Be aware that servos spin very easily when not powered so a large spindle on a good z axis ball screw may fall when not powered. I used a physical break that is closed when the servo is not powered and opens when the power is on.

@Steve_Anken would you mind telling me who competes with clear path?

@Tom_Matthews leadshine has some competing products, but I have never used them before.

i plan on buying some for my cnc plasma im building at the end of the month. im running acme screws that only go 1 inch per five revolutions so to get the IPM fast enough for what i need the steppers are at the end of their torque and just stall.

@Jeromy_Ainsworth Teknic just got them out to UPS today. Maybe I’ll make progress with them this weekend.

amazing, im really looking forward to seeing them in action.

When I start into the setup I hope it becomes clear how the TinyG needs to be configured. There seem to be many settings in the TinyG that are also “self configured” by the auto tune feature of the Clearpath motors.