Interlock install advice

Hi all,
I’m looking to add some interlock switches to my k50 machine. It has a ruida controller and has an e-stop, a water flow sensor and a separate laser tube power switch on the side. Not an electronics expert but I can solder and wire stuff up (installed an Ma Meter already) so my question is what is the best way to hook up the switches?

  • I have done some research and seen them hooked into e-stop, which I don’t think would work as the e-stop shuts the whole machine down not just power to tube.
  • I have also seen ardunio boards used but think this might be overkill
  • I would just like to add one interlock to the front cabinet door so hoping that simplifies the process.
  • My initial thoughts are connecting it with the laser tube power switch is the best option, but I would need to look at the wring and figure out how to add it into the wiring.
  • I’ve added an image of the internal wiring behind the switches and there are four wires coming from the Laser Switch, two connect to other switches and other two run off to machine. (I will trace them now and update post)
    Thanks for any help.

Generally, door interlock switches are wired to the WP and GND terminals on the Laser power supply. More information on this can be found here:

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This is a simple thing to add

You can add the interlock switches in series with the WP circuit.
To make wiring simpler you can build a breakout board like I did which has an ARM led indicator.
You can buy switch modules here:

Let me know if you need help to customize this to your needs.

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Thanks for quick replies.
I did come across your post on it and was just wondering if I need a breakout board for one switch?

Might have put the cart before the horse but I have already bought some limit switches.
Hopefully these will do the same job?

no you do not need a breakout board for one switch.
Just wire one of those you have in series using NC contacts.

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Thanks for the confirmation Don much appreciated.