Interesting source material for engraving, xrays.

Interesting source material for engraving, xrays.

What a cool idea. Nice!

Is all this done using ArtCAM?


It’s beautiful work. I’d hoped to be able to start doing similar things (or attempting to). It’s unfortunate that Autodesk priced ArtCAM so far beyond the hobbyist budget when they bought Delcam.

The “hobbyist” is not how I see this because to me it is critical for STEAM education to make things using both old and new things. I can send you gcode if you want to get started but the beauty of this setup is the workflow is so fast. There is a LOT of testing to get control of the tools, files and materials so having a small machine to do rapid cycles is not optional, too many ways to skin this cat.

I do not know how they priced it now but one guy I am now working with has Vetric which is a group who has history with Artcam folks and a very similar product.

The other thing to do is work with Fusion 360 or some other free cad cam and learn the work path for meshes. That is also a very fruitful way to do things as you move to true 3D and 5 axis work that tends to bend you brain.

You can easily to rotational work as a step in learning a kind of 3d. I have done very little of that so far but the plan was to texture map 3D pieces where are variety of techniques are employed that do not need Artcam. Much can be done hand coding gcode and using tools and bit shapes in non standard ways.

I am very interested in creating a link between art and this maker world which is dominated by guys who like their tech toys and not artists who love the historical patterns of art and science. Getting programmers to focus on the needs of artists has always been a struggle but by now we have no excuse and no defense for separating the arts from the sciences.

Let me know if their is anything I can do to help you . That is why I have been posting these pieces.