Interesting note with GRBL - I can't seem to keep the motors energized.

Interesting note with GRBL - I can’t seem to keep the motors energized. If I do a jog or send a gcode for a movement I can push the cart after it is finished. Likewise even if I remove the M30 at the end of a gcode file I can still move the machine with my hands freely after the job is done. Using A4988’s inside the Arduino Uno/ GRBL board with Kysan Nema 17’s. They used to be on a 3D Printer so I know they work/ do what I need them to.
Please advise.

There is a configuration parameter to unpowered the motors when not being commanded. Have you checked that?

@Frank_Graffagnino I had read the configuring grbl wiki about 10 times but had not found it. But it sounds like it is this: $1 - Step idle delay, msec. I will check this in a bit.

No, you need to open the grbl firmware in the arduino ide. Then goto the config tab and there you will find an option to set. It says something like “keep motors powered when not in use”

$1=255 worked. But then the problem is that I can’t turn it off. M30 (end of job) won’t do it. So I might have to manually change that value depending on what kind of job I’m running. I don’t want my motors constantly energized if the machine isn’t in the middle of a job.

why do you need to turn it off? unless you are over driving the motors, they should be ok to stay energized

you could always add the $1 to the GCODE i suppose

Yupp, no problems with keeping them energized.
Constantly writing $1 would eventually wear out the EEPROM. It would take 50,000 jobs to do it, but not ideal.

All good now, thanks.