Interesting  canceled ... 

Interesting #japica canceled …

Maybe it was really just an unfunny April first joke.

I am really surprised anybody took them seriously.

1 comment saying how bad their printer is and they cancel the kickstarter, lol. At least this saves people from being potentially ripped off. Lets just hope they don’t go to indigogo.

The last comment:

and is also down

“Sorry - Japica is no longer in business.”

Thanks +nick Parker for sacrificing your dollar to save the uninformed thousands.

I like how you made sure to include the fedora in the screenshot @Nils_Hitze .

edit: And ben I got my dollar back. Cancelled project means not funded.

I was looking forward to the kickstarter to pay for the 100 hat feast.

Man, he’s jumped right off the face of the earth. is down, this no longer exists:, the kickstarter is down, his youtube is still up though…

Facebook is still up and pretty damn entertaining:

“buisness” blogspot’s been wiped.

Sad thing is, if their product didn’t suck I could see them being a nice enough company. They had a thingiverse and a github, so I can only assume they were relatively open…

Oh also, he really sucks at the difference between then/than: and also

Thx Nick, that was fun

Well is anyone that surprised that he ran for cover? His Eiffel Tower “print” seems like the worst photoshop cut and paste job that I’ve ever seen. :slight_smile:

It’s actually super sad, judging from Facebook he seemed to be such an ambitious guy. We need those in 3dPrinting. What we don’t need are more RepRap Derivatives that suck and companies that don’t know customer support

This eyesore seems to be going down as well,

Being ambitious is easy. Anyone can do it. Being ambitious and achieving something, that’s the hard part.

We’ll see about that. I can’t click the link because my sense of design & art hurts so bad every time i see their monster.

how cheesey were those videos.

Lol followed this topic on the forum, I want to know how do you render a video I thought you just shoot the video edit it post it or whatever you intend to do with it, in that statement alone shows how much they know. Even seeing the render video more like a flash animation, I notice the z had alot of wobble anyways they did the right thing in cancelling, and whats with the 1920s gangster look theres your apology for anyone whos been ripped

" too much in debit "
Oh boy, kicking dead horses if fun.