Interesting A 3D Printed House!

Interesting A 3D Printed House!

I think they need to check the extruder, some major looking adhesion errors there

Looks like the inside of a loofah.

Meanwhile in the Universe of Krull, the Widow of the Web has a Tea Party.

I think the roof leaks

It looks more like a cave full of spider webs

imagine trying to dust, or clean up spills.

@Jonathan_se5a_Sorens Wouldn’t be a problem - spills just fall all the way through!

Someone forgot to remove all the support material! :wink:

where was the link?

@Anan_Leelasmanchai Very very amazing artistic description of this interesting scene, thanks!

@Jonathan_se5a_Sorens What?

Project page:

For cleaning you use a hexapod, of course.

Kind of looks like what an intelligent spider might build for his/her home.

Imagine keeping actual spiders out.

I want to see you clean that floor :smiley: