Interested in retro 5V TTL logic projects?

This project started when old retro arcade hardware was being discussed. In the back of my mind was the often fabled “Mega games” by Imagine Software which were planned to use extra hardware on the Spectrum and Commodore 64 to augment the machine’s capabilities. Since this hardware uses TTL logic available back from the same time period I was wondering exactly how much extra graphical grunt could have been engineered and interfaced with these old 8-bit computers.

Audio board working with all the other video layers, scaled sprites, sprites, tiles, characters, and video generation layer. The Commodore 64 controls all the graphics and audio updates via the user port.

This board is part of a modular audio and video hardware for retro machines like the Commodore 64. Designed to use 74LS series TTL through hole ICs available back in the 1980s, something you can solder at home from parts or order ready assembled.

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