Instead of using the standard ChiliPeppr design,

Instead of using the standard ChiliPeppr design, I figured I’d whip up something more appropriate.

Wow I love it! Can you share the gcode? Thats an epic OX test!

Sure thing - just note, that ox graphic is just pulled from Google Images and is copyright, I just wanted something cool to test with.

Here’s a link to the SVG as well if you want to clean it up. Then I just put it through JSCut.

That is sick! I just got my OX kit today and I want to do this as my test run. Way cooler than the chilipeppr version.
I also really like how you wired things up with the two cable chains. I messed up and only ordered one cable chain. Looks like I’ll be on Amazon tonight to get another.

Matt, just get the larger chain - I had a smaller one that I used for the X and was a bear to get the wires and sheathing through.

Thanks Jace, I actually looked at my chain last night and noticed 10x15 I assume this is the mm width x height I found one on Amazon for about $7

You can get those on ebay for cheap. Lots of different sizes.

Yeah - just check to see if that’s inner or outer size - the smaller one I have is 10x15 mm outer (7x7.3mm inner). The smaller one works fine, it was just really tough to get two insulated wires and the sheathing through it. I thought about taking the insulation off one set of stepper wires but wasn’t sure what kind of interference that might cause so I just struggled through.

Ah man thanks for the tip Jace, I wouldn’t have thought to check if the dimensions were ID or OD. I will make sure the inside dimension are larger than 7mm thanks!