inspired by a project I saw on sparkfun.

(Mark Estes) #1

inspired by a project I saw on sparkfun. I had all the parts except the plastic, but I have a laser cutter so… acrylic + old adafruit 8 x 8 led matrix + old adafruit 8 x 5 matrix + adafruit trinket pro *2 + inkscape software spirograph effect = tachyon relay module. The red one has layers, the back one is slightly larger and has 8.

(Chris Parton) #2

This is gorgeous, great work!

(Smart Interior Systems) #3

Wow looks like a Spiro Nixie

(Yves BAZIN) #4

@Mark_Estes great job. How did you make the trace on the plastic ?

(Marc Miller) #5

Such a simple display concept, yet looks so good!

(Портал Светоэффектов) #6

Mark Estes, Video?

(Mark Estes) #7

Yves: The designs were drawn in inkscape using the built in extension/render/spirograph… Then, I used by laser cutter to cut the panel outline (using settings appropriate for cutting) and a 2nd pass to cut the designs (on much lower power settings).

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found this better video
missing/deleted image from Google+