Inspiration for building a CNC

Some years back (more than 10 I think), I saw this :

And it inspired me to build a CNC to make just that.

Unfortunately, due to building one and every other opportunity to make stuff with it - I still haven’t got to making them.

Just wondered what inspired other people to get / build one themselves ?


I’m at the beginning of building a CNC mill because I want to play with mechatronic bodies and it would be great to have fast turnaround for prototypes.


My brother in law told me about reprap when it was first getting started, and I was curious. I got one of Emmett Lalish’s springy bracelets when I attended the only (I think) Maker Faire in Raleigh. I kept being interested until my wife told me that I should buy a 3D printer. That led to learning how to make it better, which led to discovering the limits of precision in 3D printers, which led to a mini lathe, which led to a mini mill, which led to converting the mini mill to CNC.

Then when @Brandon_Satterfield was getting out of the business of selling openbuilds-based hardware, I bought stuff for a large OX CNC from him, which I then (of course) upgraded with new spindle, new plates, and a C-beam gantry. Ultimately, I moved the brains from the mini mill to the OX, so the CNC mill is doing nothing until I give it new brains. Some day! @dougl has at least convinced me to move it to LinuxCNC when I do that.

When Google+ died, I archived Google+ communities with moderator permission, ultimately importing it here on Maker Forums. This led to me learning about laser cutters and engravers, which (after learning to answer many new user questions without direct experience) ultimately led to me starting to build a custom, self-designed laser cutter as well. I think that counts as another CNC project, perhaps? :relaxed: