Insert engraving is getting a bit better.

Insert engraving is getting a bit better. This has a coat of shellac over it which is why the shine but at least the edges are crisp now. Unfortunately my logo in the lower right isn’t coming out too clear so I’ll have to see what I can do about that.

This was 300/150 @ 35% which was just right to not burn completely through this veneer.



@Alex_Krause Thanks. I really need to break this into 3 operations but not sure how. The Hydra silhouette needs to be one power level, the text and my logo need to be another power level and then I need to vector cut the outline. Right now It’s all one raster and I have to go back and cut it out with a hobby knife.

Make 2 image files and a Dxf for outlining

This is three operations run back to back with logo run first, vector marking outline for the wording, and vector cut for the overall cut out. Loaded the files in that order. All have different speeds and powers


So this is working a bit better. I like being able to create different operations for each part of the image. I just have to watch for those terrible full page bounding boxes that keep getting inserted. Not sure if it’s something I’m doing in my save on Inkscape or what but I have to go into the tree and delete them.