Input wanted for a scratch-built miniature suspended train

The idea is to make a roughly N-Scale suspended train or trolley. I’ve got some prototype designs done but there are lots of issues. It’s part of my big kinetic art build project and this is a centerpiece feature. Full disclosure - I’m an advanced designer and I’m trying to build a subscriber base to my YouTube channel. But this is possibly the hardest part of the whole thing and I’m looking for suggestions on miniature components.

My first thought is to use an N20 motor for power, plastic mini chain and sprockets, and machine the rest.
If anyone knows of even smaller motors/gearboxes that would be helpful - I know there are pager motors with worm drives but that may be a little too small. If you’re not familiar, a quick search for N20 motor will show what they are - a little big maybe? Also I’m always on the lookout for really small drive components. I get N20 motors from ServoCity, for the best quality. Does anyone know which of the Chinese manufacturers make good quality N20 motors? I’m always looking for output shaft options - the make side shafts, lead screw shafts, etc. that aren’t available on ServoCity, but I’d like to use them, maybe. Quality is iffy as I’ve found out, you can’t just order any old N20 motor. They have crappy gears and seize up.

On YouTube: @sisyphuscranerigging7792 - Sisyphus Crane and Rigging Channel.
Video for YT comments on the project: Suspended Trolley - Challenging! Can It Be Done? - YouTube - ServoCity web site