Inkscape text - put on path direction

Hey guys,
I’ve put my text on a path in inkscape however the text is facing the wrong way. I want it on the curve, but the T at the start on the left hand side, not upside down, starting on the right.
Ive tried flipping it horizontally, vertically, rotating everything.
Ive added a photo to show what i mean.


Select the path, then use Path → Reverse.

Also, you can nudge the text around by switching to the Text tool, placing the cursor before the first letter and then using Alt + the arrow/cursor keys. Hold Shift while doing that to jump in larger (10x) increments.


I watched this video but cant swiych the text

Reverse got me here.

I’m just guessing but your page is small relative to your design so maybe that is why it put the text on the inside instead of the outside. Try making your page larger and see if the text goes to the outside then you should be able to flip it to the inside.

By larger I mean that there’s space on the outside of your curved shape so that the text can fit on the curved shape AND be inside the page. It put the text on the right side most likely again because it will not put it outside of the page boundry.

I want it on the inside, not the outside I just want to read the word from left to right, not backwards if that maks sense

Also in a video i watched there were the orange flip arrow under the words path, object, layer etc but there was also a different flip one to the left of the arrors but i dont have that. Kind of like a mirror, or reverse

yes, you stated that and it is why I said to give the design space so that it can go on the outside and then flip it to the inside like shown in the video…

then look in the menus if your tool bar is not showing that. But the tooltip showed it was the vertical flip tool so I don’t know how well that’ll work on a none symmetrical shape as you have.

Now that the text is on the right side of the path, you can just move it around with Alt (+Shift) + arrow/cursor keys:

You can also go between the letters to increase/decrease the spacing between them. That’s what I did at the end.

I mist be missing something as mine doesnt run around the shape like yours does, it juat goes straight down

Thanks for your help guys.
Ive played around with a tonne of things and kind of got what im after.
Appreciate your help

he’s using v2.x of Inkscape