Ingentis/Quardap hybrid.  It'll have the Ingentis Z-axis,

Ingentis/Quardap hybrid.

It’ll have the Ingentis Z-axis, and use the top X and Y axes for gantries to actuate the extruder, a-la @Shauki’s design.

Still a work in progress, but it’ll be on display as this weekend’s Denver Makerfaire, along with the sample corner piece in the photo and info on ultra-low-cost but not low-quality printing.

It’s right on target for a 12x12x18 (300x300x450cm) build platform…for a whole lot less than a ZX18.

(and thanks, @MISUMI_USA ! #Misumifirst150)

Keep posting lots of pictures - I’m way behind on mine and still haven’t figured out exactly what I want to do with my Z axis yet.

Yeah, Z is definitely a not-yet-determined thing. I have a TON of those aluminum gears, and a counterbalanced plate would be desirable.

That is truly cocoa cool! Ha. Great start. I hope to be showing you guys something cool soon.

I am reprinting the last of my pieces for the Eustathios variant right now (due to ID dimensions coming in undersized). Nice to see similar projects in the works. I am modeling the whole thing in solidworks 2014 from the ground up. Thanks to @Tim_Rastall @Jason_Smith and @D_Rob for laying all the groundwork for us on these.

BTW like how yours is coming along. Looks great.