Inexpensive garage computers for running Chilipeppr?

Inexpensive garage computers for running Chilipeppr?

I posted this in a thread on the chilipeppr google group, but thought I would also post here in case it helps someone shopping around or who has experience with one of these.

so, one idea i’ve been toying with is a fanless, sealed PC in the garage - no worries about dust, metal shavings, etc. A few things come to mind. One is something like the mintbox or the intense PC line:

that’s completely fanless, and that is a pretty high powered machine.

a second option would be something from ODROID… maybe the U3?

This is a decent quad core machine with 2GB of ram for $65! Geez that’s cheap. If the browser could run fast enough, that would be an awesome machine to use. Perhaps you might want to disable the 3d viewer as discussed here, but who knows? maybe it would run 3d fast enough?

another option that would cost even less would be some sort of chromebox or chromebook. Anyone running chilipeppr on that? I guess you may need to run the serial port server on a raspberry pi… unless there is a way to run it on the chromebook. It would be nice to have an option to connect to the serial port directly from chilipeppr if the CNC controller is plugged into the same machine (maybe via some html5 access or a chrome extension)… anyhow… is anyone running chilipeppr on Chrome OS? If so, i would think a fanless version of a chromebook or chromebox should be right around the corner and that would be a super cheap machine to have in the garage.

It’s a cool idea. If you want to create a lightweight workspace, go for it. Everything is there to let you fork the workspace and then turn off widgets. You could simply start with just commenting out the section of code that loads the 3D viewer and you got yourself a lightweight workspace. I could post a link to the workspace on the homepage of ChiliPeppr.

Not sure about chromebooks running SPJS, but if you can run a command shell it would seem you could run a binary. ChiliPeppr already supports SPJS running on the same box. Just connect to localhost as your sever.

Take a look at this one. We’ve put Debian on it and it runs like a large desktop computer. The computer is so small that the HDMI cable weighs more than the the box does. Check out the specs - and the price.

I have a similar thought, thought not related to a dust concern. I’m using a laptop right now (company provided, and already sick enough, hence no worries about dust). But what I would like to do is connect remotely. ChiliPeppr already looks for serial servers on the network. I’m thinking I can create a serial server from an Arduino or Raspberry Pi (etc). All it needs to do is receive via WiFi and send USB to the tinyg. I think I’ve seen others going this way too.

This IS the popular way to do it. The Printrbot even ships this way. It has a TinyG in it and a Raspi in it by default with SPJS loaded on the Raspi by default out-of-the-box. Then you just connect over WiFi from your laptop and you’re up and running.

seems like you still need a computer next to the machine though - one that you don’t have to worry being in a somewhat industrial, dirty environment. In my ideal scenario, I’d have the raspberry pi with SPJS, and then a fanless, inexpensive machine to work with gcode.