Individual tower diagonal length adjustments

I am looking through the documentation, but unable to find what I am looking for. I am coming from Repetier.

The issue is that I get some scaling issues in the Z and Y axis. I’ve adjusted the diagonal rod length to an average but under repetier I was able to set individual rod length adjustments via DELTA_DIAGONAL_CORRECTION_ABC. Does Smoothieware have an ability to do this as well?

My system description

  • I have a Azteeg X5

  • I am running Smoothieware version: edge-bdb141f

  • I connect to my Smoothieboard via USB Mac

  • My Smoothieboard controls a: Delta printer

Any of these look like what you need ?

I don’t think so. But I might not be reading the code properly. That said, if I am able to adjust the individual diagonal rod length, I can’t do it via g-code. Is that correct?

I think maybe what I was hoping for was a g-code, or parameter to adjust. Similar to:
M665 L297.5000 R139.3101
with some parameters X Y Z (for example) which could allow me to adjust the individual lengths.

Aren’t you looking for the advanced settings at the bottom of ?