Incomplete path/trace

Chillipeppr is great! Congratulations!

I had found a micrometric short on start-end point of some paths during signal routing. What do I do to overlap start-end tracing? It is hard to find; normally after soldering =(


When you say this, do you mean after the milling of a PCB using ChiliPeppr? Or do you mean prior to milling in the 3D viewer where you’re using the Eagle BRD Widget to convert the board to Gcode?

Thanks for return, John.

After the milling. Is like if the milling path had finished before the start point. Using a conical bit, the tip diameter is hard to define. Sometimes is broken but cuts fine. I suggest you add a couple of initial code path lines to the end, overlapping any diameter differences.

Congratualtions for ChiliPeppr!

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Ahh, yeah, i’ve had that problem too. You could try adding a ground plane to your PCB design and then the Eagle widget generates toolpaths for that polygon as well giving you a reverse path, which typically solves that for me, but does make the milling take longer.

How can I send img to you? Thanks

You can just paste from your clipboard right into this forum.