In the "port list" there is a drop down where you select "tinyg",

In the “port list” there is a drop down where you select “tinyg”, the other options being “default”, “marlin”, “tinygg2”, etc. I have a DUE board flashed with the latest stable TinyG2 code. I can connect to it with cool term and do a “$$” and pull the config no problem. If in the drop down I have selected “tinyg” then I can connect to it from chilipeppr and control it no problem. BUT when I select “tinygg2” from the drop down (which I would expect as this is the G2 code) it will not respond to any commands and seems hung.

Can someone clarify what the drop down is used for and any ideas why it would not work with “tinygg2” selected, but does work when “tinyg” is selected?

You can use the “tinyg” dropdown item on G2, but you are supposed to use “tinygg2” because it increases the buffer size to around 20,000 bytes up from the 254 bytes in the “tinyg” buffer. That’s the only difference. If you are seeing problems right now, just use “tinyg” for now.