In the last year, I created an autonomous 3D printer,

In the last year, I created an autonomous 3D printer, capable of producing parts with comparable precision and accuracy to a standard 3D printer. Please stop by my booth at Makerfaire this weekend, I’d be happy to discuss my designs and answer questions. I’ll be demonstrating 2 different printer designs at my booth.

i will stop by :slight_smile:

What type of motor are you using on your hotend?

The extruder uses a stepper motor. I’m not exactly sure what type of stepper, but it is thinner than a standard Nema 17.

I scavenged that motor and many other parts from inkjet printers to use them for 3d printing instead.

So it can eject a buildplate and grab another if it’s available? Seems cool, though I guess a human still needs to remove the print(s) and feed plates back to the intake side.

@Tim_Visible Yes it automatically loads and ejects build plates.

With the current design, an operator is still required to manually remove the object(s) from the build plate and the supports from the object(s).

Of course it’s possible to use a dual extruder setup with a dissolvable support material. In that case, the plates could be ejected into solvent, separating the part from the build plate and dissolving the supports.