In the GRBL workspace,

In the GRBL workspace, switching units from mm to inches seems to require refreshing the CP page with F5. Is anyone else seeing that?

Also, often, the 3D view doesn’t load properly. I just get a black screen in the 3D window. Logging out of CP and back in usually fixes that.

One more… the 3D window update really slows the CP UI. Is there a way I can change the default 3D update rate to 5Hz. I do that manually about 50 times per day. :stuck_out_tongue:

These issues are a constant thorn in my side. Was hoping that they would be fixed eventually. Is there any formal way to report bugs for CP?

Hi Matt, are you up for attempting some JavaScript code edits? The grbl workspace is very community driven.

I looked into getting the FPS setting to perist. 2 ways to go about it:
This function: setFrameRate (rate) in widget-3dviewer is what needs to get called.
Option #1: put in a subscribe to listen for a ‘set3dFrameRate’ publish and assign accordingly. Then you can put chilipeppr.publish " "… into your boot javascript to set it every time you load CP.
Option #2: add it to the localStorage setItem when changed, and reading it + calling that function as part of the setup function.

Thanks Ray - I will give it a try.

The need to refresh, reset, and re-login so frequently makes me question the viability of browser based machine control software. But I guess others must not be experiencing these problems. I wonder what it is about my setup that’s causing it.

I usually work with files in the 1-3MB size range. I suspect things would work better with nc smaller files.

Yeah, I don’t make it a point to log in if that didn’t persist. The only real cloud stuff at the moment is if you want to do transfers from JSCut, which I don’t use.
How powerful is your computer? We’re usually dealing with older computers if your graphics isn’t working well.

Logging in and out would have no affect so don’t bother. Your WebGL issues would be just your machine.

For CP, I use a Lenovo W500 laptop with XP SP3. It has a 2.8GHz Core Duo and 3GB RAM, with ATI Fire GL V5700 graphics.

It is a little old, but should be ideally suited to doing numerics and OpenGL graphics.

I’ll defer to John for this one, but every time this issue has been brought up, XP was somehow mentioned. The answer has been, run SPJS on your old laptop, Chilipeppr on a newer one.

Would upgrading this laptop to Windows 10 be likely to improve things? It’s not that old. I just have XP on it to support another legacy system.

I believe xp does not have any good graphics drivers. You end up with software rendering rather than gpu rendering. That is miserably slow even unusable.

Will it have good graphics drivers for your particular graphics card?

I’ve run on an old laptop running 7 with no graphics issues and I’ve used on 8 everywhere else, John runs on 10, any of those should be fine.

@Matt_Wheeler I implemented the FPS Rate persistence. @jlauer , there is a pull request waiting for you.
Preview (test) here:

Ok, change pulled in and published. Enjoy! Nice work @raykholo

Did a force refresh in TinyG, seems to be working.
And no unintended errors either!

Sweet! How do I access this feature? Thanks!

@Matt_Wheeler Oh, just realized that the 3d viewer in /grbl still points to jsfiddle. I will have to change it to point to github.

The switchover got taken care of, FPSrate now persists in grbl.
Thanks to user “wd77”:

@jlauer My WebGL (in Chrome) crashes all the time when using CP. Logging out of my google account and back in is the quickest way I have to reliably reset it.

In fact, after months of using CP daily, I’ve finally become exhausted with all of the things I have to do to keep it running. I guess I’m going to give UGS a try… maybe I’ll try CP again in the future, on a newer laptop.

Logging in and out can’t be related. You don’t even need to be logged in to ChiliPeppr to use it. WebGL has not crashed on me with CP for over 6 months. I don’t really hear others say that either, so if your WebGL keeps crashing there’s not much any of us can do about your setup. You could consider using the Tablet workspace where there is no 3D viewer or spin off your own workspace that removes features you don’t want.