in S3D is there a way to see the layer number in the preview

in S3D is there a way to see the layer number in the preview mode? would so help to see “layer #X” in display when using preview to assign cooling to features that need it based on the cooling tabs native unit, layer number, which the software knows full well and just does not seem to display anywhere in preview, WHICH IS ANNOYING!

Am I just dumb? I looked for 30 minutes thinking ‘surely this basic information that is asked for in other tabs, to assign temperature and fan set points, is in the visualization of the layers being built?’

it’s not, slide the visualize tool path control and view a layer that you had cooling issues on, or temperature issues on, and you get the gcode line, like 1435593542, versus ‘your looking at layer 23’

Not intuitive in any way shape or form, cooling and temperature ask for input in unit values of ‘layer number’ and then visualization does not show this value and tells a user what line of gcode the simulation is looking at, which can go up to 50,000 or more. The software doesn’t even ask the user to know the gcode line to assign variables in any tabs of the basic interface! WHAT THE HECK?!?!!?! Do they even have a user interface designer? Does not seem that way, naming of feature, workflow, it’s all like someone’s private pet project versus something using user feedback to make intuitive and easy.

the slicing is great, the support adjustment is nice, its good, but not as awesome as I heard though, seriously confusing and seemingly ‘personalized for someone else not me’ interface.

I do not regret the $150, I just hope they use it to actually improve the software. Its way to ‘weird and confusing’ with things like units asked for by one section of code ignored as valuable user information when displaying tool path information.

k rant over, opeing calculator and using measuring device to find layer height because the software knows but wont tell me jsut when that 3mm screw hole starts in that side wall, it will show a simulation up to that point but wants me to count every time a new layer is created in simulation, in my head, as I watch it, to assign a setpoint for that feature in a different tab…


Isn’t there a button at the bottom to switch from gcode line to layer number?

Pretty sure you can display layer number. Don’t have it in front of me to try it though.

argh you are correct, an hour later I found it, THANKS!!!

OK I take it all back, it’s there, its just my stupidity I guess. how I missed that I dunno, there it is “preview by:” and 2 settings. finally I can adjust without leaving the software yay! didn’t see it forever boo!

Several ways you can determine a feature height.

In preview mode with the layer radio button checked as you move the layer slider you will see in the lower left corner of the screen a layer X of layers total readout. You can increment one layer at a time with the left right (up down) arrow keys to the right of the sliders.

You can also check the single layer only box at the right of the slider and see one at a time.

Or, put the view in cross section mode with the third button up from the bottom on the right side of the window. Then move the sliders. Note that some slider settings will make nothing show up.

I do agree that some of the displays and settings can be confusing. It would be really nice to have a mode with all my critical information on a single tab. Still learning the software myself.

I can’t fault them for not including it, it’s there… Showing both would remove a user decision to limit information and remove a click with mouse setting that takes up more UI space than simply displaying both lines and layers would take. I guess I just didn’t get that they would want me to use a control box to change information display that takes up far more room than just showing both, didn’t expect that.

In the little rectangle where the controls are, they should just show both sets of information and some other data as well, better use of space, better faster flow for user.

One of these days I’ll send them some ideas on UI rearrangement. :slight_smile:

At any rate, does the work around give you what you need?

@Jeff_Parish PLEASE!!! I’ll buy you a coffee!

@AlohaMilton :slight_smile: Make it a tall ice cold lemonade and you have a deal!


In all seriousness, the issue was my eyes I guess, getting older and they definitely don’t work as well, but it’s no excuse for missing that part of the interface for that long, sheesh! I feel dumber, but less frustrated with S3D, trade off I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

@AlohaMilton I usually find that I discover what I’m looking for (on anything) about 30 seconds after I’ve posted online that I can’t find it. :slight_smile:

@Jon_Gritton Maybe that should be the first step in every help section… :slight_smile: