In reply to my previous post I don't know if this helps.

In reply to my previous post I don’t know if this helps. I am running grbl 0.9g. Unfortunately i don’t have the original screen anymore but imagine the buffer would stuck at 6000. If I click on the unpause button or anyother command it would increase the buffer.

Yep I read it and I just bought the USB2ISO USB 2.0 Galvanic Isolator Adaptor and some ferrite ring to try to resolve the issue.

This issue never happen to me with the TinyG. My Shapeoko 2 (with tinyG) runs like a workhorse. Perhaps TinyG is a better built board than carbide 3d board. :confused: :confused:

Hey Jerret, all the part will be arrving tomorrow. I will do a test and let you know how it goes. I am hoping with the usb2iso usb adaptor it will resolve the issue of my shapeoko 3 disconnecting from the spjs server in middle of the job.

@Jarret_Luft Jerret thanks for the link. I got the ferrite ring and adaptor. My machine isn’t dissconnecting anymore.

I figure could be a loose usb or noise, but it works now. I HIGHLY recommend galvanic isolator adaptor.