In my search for Led optics, I reached out to LUXeXceL.

In my search for Led optics, I reached out to LUXeXceL. Here’s the hand sample they sent.

It’s amazing that this was 3d printed. The quality is great.

Wait, that’s 3d printed?! Cool!

That’s awesome! Do you know what type of material they used? I wonder if they did some kind of treatment similar to acetone vapor smoothing for ABS plastic.

From what I read it doesn’t sound like there’s any post treatment (except to laser cut the finished lens off of a build plate). They use a UV curable acrylic that is applied to the part as small droplets while it’s built up.

Thanks for sharing this. I’ve ordered a sample as well.

Thanks @Christopher_Smolinsk - that’s got me busy on ordering a 3D printer and some translucent ABS and clear polycarb to play with… the things I do when the wife is away… :slight_smile:

Hi @Mike_Thornbury , that sample came from a company that uses a special process to “print” the lenses. While I’m sure you can do some cool illuminated things with traditional 3d printers and clear ABS (or NinjaFlex), you won’t be able to get optical grade perfection.

Please show off the cool stuff you illuminate :slight_smile:

I imagine they are using laser resin deposition… or whatever it is called… my learning curve on 3D printers is going through the roof… just shelled out for one yesterday - a RepRapPro Mendel Mono. :slight_smile: Yay!