In my Eusthathios build,

In my Eusthathios build, I’m having trouble inserting the LM8UU linear bearings into the carriage (an earlier version of Eric Lien’s V4). I’ve tried applying acetone (from nail polish) with a q-tip as well as shaving off the inside with an exacto knife. Neither seems to be helping and I worry about the alignment. Has anyone else had this problem or any suggestions?

If I need a stronger solution of acetone, where do you suggest getting it from in the US?

Thanks for your help.

My carriage is pla, and I always just heat it up with a hair dryer and the bearings slip right in. Not sure if that will work with abs though.

Thanks, I’ll look into that.

Sounds like you are undersized. You can drill out the hole. But my recommendation is for ABS to print with a 1.008 scale factor to account for abs shrink factor and make sure to dial in your extrusion multiplier with a single perimeter cube calibration before printing highly toleranced parts.

If you want straight up acetone just go to a hardware store. You’ll find it in the paint section. Running an 8mm drill bit or reamer down there is probably a better idea if you need to actually remove material.

@Eric_Bessette I’m looking through my copy of @Eclsnowman 's V2 repository. You might have the carriage meant for bronze bushings? I don’t see an stl for lm8uu’s.

@Isaac_Arciaga shoot, I never made a final of that. Anyone mind relinking one they have modded. My file system is a mess right now.

@Eclsnowman . Here you go:

It looks like I didn’t get the appropriate hardware for this version of the carriage. Thanks for your help guys.

hi guy’s, I doing an ingentis with my friend and i use LMU8 for the exstrusor, you can share the file?