In hacking about I see in the menu associated with the caret in the

In hacking about I see in the menu associated with the caret in the upper right of the CP workspace (just to the right of my login name) an option " TOGGLE DEBUG CONSOLE OUTPUT".
Where does one find that output, is it Developer Tools under the Browser Menu-More Tools menu (reference is Chrome browser)?

Yes. I just do a Ctrl+Shift+J to get the Javascript console. You will get inundated with debug data once you start running a job.

Just to be clear, the Developer Tools is the full debugging environment, while the Console is, well, just the console. If you are working with code you should check out the Developer Tools, which is Ctrl+Shift+I, or just use the menu.

Tahnks, Kevin. I’ll attck it later.
Safe to assume that your development environment is using SPJS 1.7, not 1.75?

I’ll check later when I get home.

LOL … so the version I have identifies itself as 1.74.
I don’t think this is the issue though. Give me a bit an I will throw a million (or slightly less) messages in to see on the console. Keep an eye here.

OK, I am reading thru your widget as you write

OK Just updated it. You’ll know you have the new one if you see “Configure TinyG v0.1” in the title.
The Console will now show the following (for me, in the following order) … NOTE that there is some text at the start of each line BEFORE this part:
Initializing config widget
Requesting X axis info
Requesting Y axis info
Requesting Z axis info
Requesting A axis info
Requesting Motor 1 info
Requesting Motor 1 info
Requesting Motor 1 info
Requesting Motor 1 info
onRecvCmd. recvline:
Received X Axis
Received Y Axis
Received Z Axis
Received A Axis
Received Motor 1
Received Motor 2
Received Motor 3
Received Motor 4

OK, I got your new code “Configure TinyG v0.1”. But same result - the Config window opens, I can switch between the motor tab and the axis tab, but no communication with tiny G , nothing in the Developer Console.

I am communicating with tinyG via the Serial Port Console

Well, to be honest I have no clue, especially since everything else works for you. I think at this point I might defer to someone with more experience in this environment.

Do you see the JS?

OK, I fat fingered the mimimize button and closed Chrome.
So reopened, reloaded and now am getting console activity . I assume red stuff is errors, starting to dig thru them

Red stuff is errors, yes. There’s also a red x icon at the top when exceptions occur

I’m still trying to figure out the console interface. I do see one error (non-fatal, I think) when the whole page reloads. It also seems that I only get Console activity on opening Configure the first time.
Is that expected, or should tinyG be requiried each time the Window opens?
Gotta step away for a while will pick it up lkater or Sat AM.

If you close the dialog and open it again it should query the tinyg again.

Hmmm … I was able to reproduce this,. but not sure why. When I did I disconnected from the JSON server, then reconnected, and it worked. Oh @jlauer ??

Kevin - You develop on Chrome on Windows/OSX/Linux? Just curious - thare are subtile differences, me thinks

If you’re referring to console.log() output and the fact that it only spits stuff out on init() of Kevin’s widget, then yes, that seems fairly normal. Perhaps if you want more output you should put some console.log() statements into the .show() method of the Configure widget.

I’m seeing that a subscription occurs to “/ws/onconnect” like 8 times. That means you’ll get called back 8 times, which I’m sure you don’t want.

You should unsubscribe from “/recvline” when the dialog closes because when the user hits play, your method will get called 4 times for each line of Gcode which will slow the browser down.

I added some more console output for Carl. 8 subscriptions! That is called a copy and paste error. Doing this late at night may not be my smartest move.

By the way Carl, I use Chrome in a Windows environment. And I was wrong … it only queries on the first use. I’ll fix that tomorrow when I’m not making stupid mistakes.

OK, I might test from Windows tomorrow as well.
Get some rest !
Me too.
John can keep at it, he is three hours behind us :slight_smile: