in cloud 9, should the autogenerated html file contain all the css and js?

in cloud 9, should the autogenerated html file contain all the css and js?

Yepp. The autogen unlines the css and js into the html file that is itself.

thought so.

that’s the source of my problems. the autogen is not pulling in any js nor the css.

are you running the node file, runme.js?
When you load the preview site in c9 (from the link in terminal once you hit run for runme), do you see activity in the terminal?
Same question, for when you go to the widget, or press push to github.

yup. same process as for all the other forked workspace and widget repos.

wonder whether the runme.js file is corrupt.

That, or the template got messed up. That would most likely be the widget html file. It has certain commented lines that must stay put exactly as is.

ah. that could the culprit. i’ve just got the html that is actually required for the widget.

will have to check when github is back working (it’s been down for a while for me).

That would do it!

jsfiddle is currently down

as is github.

the world’s coming to an end !

Thank god I put caching in place a long time ago on ChiliPeppr because the site is loading fine even though everything points to Github.

Yep. That.

not loading at all for me. but I think that’s because i’m testing the widget so forcerefresh is true.

Maybe you can send the cloud9 url form ur project and we can help you directly if I or we have read/write settings.

thanks for the offer Frank. that would be appreciated.

the test workspace is here:

the test grbl widget is here:

the work i’ve done on the eagle import widget is not at a shareable state yet.

Justin what are you working on in the eagle widget?

I have written a framework to send only a subset of the created gcode to gcode widget. So that for example you can drill holes and vias and perhaps mill slots (when implemented) and dimensions.
Then the plating workflow would hapoen before bring the board back for milling the traces.

I’m wondering about maintaining a. But that seems to be a second order issue.

The sample workspace contains a replacement menu for the top left widget.

I’m also thinking about whether some of the widgets might be repositionable. I work on a surface 3 and a very old MacBook pro. On both screen estate is a premium and when I work on the left hand widgets I’d like to be able to see a bit more at the same time.

Sweet! Maybe you could even open it up to PubSub calls so that other entities can “push - pull” sections of the pcb operation and build the gcode in the order that they see fit?

I am wholly ignorant of the pubsub methods.
The code relies on comments being in the gcode. Support would have to be built in separately for each of the apps that generate gcode as they may not use the same comment system. Not impossible of course!

Is there any documentation explaining the pubsub system?