In Chilipeppr/grbl if i set the serial stream to 1 line every 250ms everything

In Chilipeppr/grbl if i set the serial stream to 1 line every 250ms everything goes well. But as soon as i start using the buffer or set the delay time less than 250ms entire chunks of gcode are ignored or not sent at all. Anyone has this problem? How to fix it?

It sounds like you don’t have the buffer set in the Serial Port JSON Server widget to “grbl” before you connect to the serial port. If you don’t then your gcode gets lost. Can you post a screenshot?

I have it set to “default” in the grbl workflow. If i set it to grbl, it won’t connect or react to anything.

I will sent you a private post with an image.

You MUST MUST MUST choose “grbl” in the buffer dropdown or nothing will work correctly.

@jlauer ​​ I figured that. But when i select grbl, nothing works. No reaction to $$ and no movement at all. When i use “default” i can use everything. Jogging etc.

Just in case, i tried again. But nothing happens…

Can you post a screenshot or video?

@jlauer ​ Here is a video of me trying to connect.

First thing that looks odd is your Arduino being on ttyACM0. I’ve only ever seen an Arduino on ttyUSB ports. What device are you using? 2nd thing weird is I never saw any OK responses come back from your Grbl. What firmware are you using? Also, I was hoping for higher quality full video because I look for things like version numbers, what URL you’re on, and the Grbl statuses in the widget. Meaning, screenshots or video show all the details to help debug.

@jlauer ​ I use an arduino mega2560 with a ramps1.4 shield. The arduino mega2560 uses ttyACM*.

Therefore i use “grbl for ramps1.4” firmware. It is the 0.9 version of grbl with the pins swapped to use with the ramps shield.

Image of the status field:

I think there is a OK respons. See in the photo here:

The url i used is ChiliPeppr - Hardware Fiddle

I think i answered all your questions, but in case not, i can still make a video. I just have to make some space so i can film the entire screen.

I recall hearing that the grbl for ramps eliminated the OK response and that is why nothing works for you. The “grbl” buffer completely pivots off the OK response for everything and without it you can’t use that buffer. That checkmark that you are saying is the OK response isn’t an OK response. It’s literally the word “ok” that must come back from the device.

Ok. Any idea if this is easy to change in my firmware?

Can you see what they switched to for an acknowledgement response in lieu of “ok”. Also, ever thought of moving to TinyG?

@jlauer ​ TinyG means spending money on new electronics. I had this ramps board laying around. I am on a low budget.

I have no idea if anything is sent instead of the OK. At least nothing that pops up in the serial screen of CP.

I did find this though. Have a look at the section for command “$10”.