In case you're wondering what to do with a laptop, whose screen doesn't work.

In case you’re wondering what to do with a laptop, whose screen doesn’t work. New and savage parts…$100. Plexi isn’t cheap, but thanks Steve Blackman for the spare sheet. Looks awesome!

i love this… what are you doing to keep it cool?

@Mari_Thomas I’m using the fan that came with the laptop and plenty of holes.

Why bother with Plexi? Just cut that evil “screen sheet” and you’ll get not just a computer but also a keyboard, touchpad, and sometimes a DVD-RW :slight_smile:

Also, 3D printing you could cover the display board holes with a decent keyboard riser and fit in whatever additional hardware you need to add (I see something foreign inside).

Worn out to holes laptop casing? 3D print an enclosure to fit behind that monitor you have to save some desk space.

Again. Why a roughly cut plexiglass parallelepiped when you have at least ABS and PLA options with the unlimited application of engineering creativity possible?

I’ve been making hacks like that since 1998…

@Alex_Koukarine In this case, I had a faulty Motherboard. The Battery charge circuit stop working and I upgraded the CPU to an i7. Left me with a mostly functional motherboard and a spare i5 CPU. Everything else is still in the existing laptop. And the plexi looks cool.

@Gaetano_C.J_Iacono i like the plexi… it gives a sort of floating look… :smiley:

@Mari_Thomas Exactly.

Something else to add to the ideas,I had a broken laptop, took the screen of, got a HDMI driver board and a ribbon connector (you have to make sure you get the right one) and made a bespoke monitor for my son’s raspberry pi

@Gaetano_C.J_Iacono For the truly “floating look” I had my super overclocked Amd64 motherboard floating fully immersed into the motor oil in the plexi aquarium in 1999 :slight_smile:

My point is, we are on the 3D printing board and I can’t see a single 3D printed part in the design showcased here… :wink:

@Alex_Koukarine I don’t like my hands greasy. EEEwwwww!

This is actually pretty sweet. I might attempt this if I can find a cheap laptop or something.

Excellent build! I have slight different problem also affecting the image (an Nvidia chip that becomes loose on the board. I have to reheat it from times to times to refulx the solder…) and sometimes can’t get any output at all, but for damaged lcd panels this is a great idea!

I have 11 semi-dead laptops from the old days laying around at home, but the RPi3 seems to be faster and more convenient than any of them for the most of practical needs already :slight_smile:

très beau prix

Yeah, it does look very nice, but the project was posted to a 3d printer group featuring no 3d printer or printed parts.

@Alex_Koukarine But you could use some inspiration from this build to create original cases for the raspies! :smiley:

@Jeff_DeMaagd I’m still getting the hang of G+. When I posted, it gave me the option of “Electronics”, not 3D printing. Don’t understand why it ended up only here. I’ve shared it publicly, now.