In case you connect a TinyG with a firmware build lower than what ChiliPeppr

In case you connect a TinyG with a firmware build lower than what ChiliPeppr expects, it now warns you.

So awesome

What’s even more awesome is that if ChiliPeppr was desktop software, this would require you to re download the new version, run the installer, etc. Gotta love web apps.

Haha yup

Web app is fantastic. Need to hook up my tinyg so I can join the cool kids.

By the way, I can’t find a tinyg google+ community. I had a question about tinyg upgrade path to ARM.

What question? We have a dev mailing list on google but no community.

Just wondering where we are heading with TinyG :slight_smile: Are we going ARM? Are we going to support hardware extensions, …? When are we talking over the world? Stuff like that.

I have just joined the Google group, gonna dig through the archive now.

@jlauer If I still lived in the U.S. instead of the Philippines I would have the same opinion of web apps. However when there are blackouts weekly and your service provider cannot give you speedy, dependable service it becomes difficult. Having said that, I will be using your awesome Chilipeppr with my TinyG when I complete my build. Since this is the first time I will use GRBL with a CNC, I will start with @Andrew_Hodel GRBLweb, which seems easier for a beginner and then switch to Chilipeppr. Thanks to both of you for developing such great products.

@Edmund_Betlinski I definitely take great Internet service for granted. Let me know how it goes on your testing.

@Dat_Chu - We have an ARM based version of TinyG that we are still testing prior to release. The (open source) code is here:

Short of having a v9 (ARM) board you can get this running on an Arduino Due. The project compiles to both targets.