Improved design for 3D printing ear savers

Faster to print, less plastic used, thus lighter.

Starts with bias tape folders that similarly use less plastic, if you need that.


Here’s the STL for the ear saver. The fusion 360 files are available from the post and available to be modified, but since I wanted to try printing the STL I downloaded it and thought I’d share directly.

fastprint_earsaver.stl (109.1 KB)

I found that prusa-slicer used three layers if I set first layer to 0.3mm and subsequent layers to 0.25mm, but only two layers with my default settings of all layers 0.3mm.

I managed to lay out 16 of them on my 330mm x 330mm bed. I think 14 would be no problem on a 300mm x 300mm bed. Here’s the layout I used for 16 just to show an example:

fastprint_earsaver-16.stl (1.7 MB)

This print was easy, quick, and successful. This is a really good design.

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A nurse in my neighborhood said that they are wearing scrub caps, so hair tangling isn’t an issue for them. Asked for slightly thicker, and scaling Z only by 200% makes them five layers with 0.3mm layers, so I’m trying that for her next. She says that she expects the thicker ear savers to be gentler on the mask loops; apparently the edges of the thin ear savers sometimes frayed the mask loops and masks are being reused.

The thicker ear savers must be lasting and working well without breaking. I asked for the opportunity to make more when they ran out, and I haven’t heard back from her over two weeks later. Now I’m printing more for others. I’ve standardized on the 5-layer, 200% Z size, 1.5mm thick versions. They are about 2g each.