When i import any GBL its not showing in chillipeppr any ideas please

Can you post a screenshot to help us understand what your issue is?

Sure, this is the screen i get when i load a 555timer gcode for example.
Nothing appears in the plot area, ie no board shows.


can you post your file here? i want to give it a go in my browser.

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Sure can its just a test circuit very basic
Thank you

Just tried to upload it but says file not supported

If it’s a small text file, just paste it in as a code block (three single back quotes on a line by themselves start and end a code block). It looks like this:

your code goes here

I assume its the excellon file then as thats text, the others are gbl and so on?

A gcode file is text. Obviously this doesn’t make sense for large or binary files. For that people often post google drive or dropbox or other cloud storage links.

Umm ok thanks i will look into it