Image engraving with K40 Laser, How to get a better resolution?

Hello, I bought a k40 CO2 laser engraver recently, I still didn’t upgrade anything on it!
Wanted to ask about a trouble that I’m facing and what could be the reason, As I’m new to laser machines and I’m still not expert about it!
Here are two pitcures one is done by my k40 machine where you can see the image in the design is not clear and its more pixelated, And the other one is done by some laser shop and the image in the design is very nice and clear.
I’m using k40 whisperer
Thank you

Hi Omar, there can be a ton of causes for this and I will give you a few tips. Probably you need to provide the picture here with the settings. I had a similar issue with the Mayan calendar JPG picture, lot’s of noise. The quality of the picture does matter so a low quality or resolution picture will not improve with a higher laser resolution setting. You can try to convert (assuming) JPG into a true vector with a vector program such as Inkscape (free). Or you can try to engrave in true grayscale instead of dither. Another tip is to use the Gamma setting of the picture in adobe photoshop or free
Most images do need to be made brighter and more contrast. Gamma settings of 0.5 or 0.75 do wonders for dull photo’s. Make sure you convert your jpg into a TIFF non destructive format before doing any manipulation. Every manipulation and save of a jpg does lower its quality! So do all manipulations in tiff and convert back to jpg when done. And finally read, read and read or watch a lot of YouTube’s. It’s worth it… :smiley: