I'm worried about losing this k40 community due to G+ being deleted early 2019.

(Rene Munsch) #1

I’m worried about losing this k40 community due to G+ being deleted early 2019. Is there already an alternative platform in mind? Where are you going to go? Where will we find all the contents of your K40 Laser-Project skills and projects?

(krystle phillips) #2

I am also worried

(Stephane BUISSON) #3

Working on it. the idea is a backup of this community to be captured with G+Exporter (see older post), to see if our community could fit into a larger Maker movement as a category of a large Discourse Maker’s forums. and use a subdomain (like example k40.Maker’sMovement.net) to host backup, wiki or futur ressources specific to us. @Rene_Munsch @krystle_phillips

(Stephane BUISSON) #4

from G+ to owner (wait for early March):
"Google+ Communities
To download data for Communities where you’re an owner or moderator, select Google+ Communities. You will get:

Names and links to Google+ profiles of community owners, moderators, members, applicants, banned members, and invitees
Links to posts shared with the community
Community metadata, including community picture, community settings, content control settings, your role, and community categories
Important: Starting early March 2019, you will also be able to download additional details from public communities, including author, body, and photos for every community post."

(Duncan Caine) #5

Stephane, will you be emailing everyone with the new solution when you have it?

(Bob Damato) #6

Does this mean there is a solution in the works? If not I was about to get one going…

(Stephane BUISSON) #7

@Duncan_Caine I have no access to members mail address. I will post one or more links when ready.

(Jonathan Davis (Leo Lion)) #8


(Ned Hill) #9

@StephaneBUISSON I would suggest that you might want to do a pinned post about plans for the community or at least let people know that you have something in the works. I know that you are working on something so I haven’t said much, but I think it will help alleviate the concerns of some people in the immediate future.