I'm working on the RepRapLite: A 3D printer without the heated bed,

I’m working on the RepRapLite: A 3D printer without the heated bed, or the x/y stuff, or the z stuff, or the controller, or the frame, and there’s no software…

OK, it’s really just an extruder, but it will spit out melted plastic!

Think there’s a market for such a device? :wink:

You saw that kickstarter too? :stuck_out_tongue:


That which can be hand-held can also be easily bot-held and “hot-swapped”. There is value in it for us too.

@Andrew_Plumb wait, wait, wait… are you suggesting mounting a hand-held extruder onto a cartesian bot??? Next you’ll suggest mounting it on a delta bot.

Madness, I say… Madness!!!

But it’s a good kind of madness, yes?

As long as no one tries to draw a gun…

All we need now is a 3D sketched firearm to ruin everything.

How about the 3D tagging/graffiti potential?

I wonder if we’ll start seeing “things” on Thingiverse. You can just print them out (on old fashioned paper) and then trace them with your pen. Sort of…

I don’t see why not. Call them stencils or templates.

What’s really funny is, I bet it’s an absolute shit extruder. Probably wouldn’t actually work on a bot because it takes actual pressure to flatten the extruded bead instead of just spitting into air.

well they ARE trying to put in in a very small form-factor.
the idea is good, thought I kind of threw up a little in my mouth when I heard something about ‘patent pending’