I'm working on putting together some kits for a couple friends.

I’m working on putting together some kits for a couple friends. Where is a good source of reliable j-heads now? I want these to be good experiences not full of issues from cheap clones.

I’m going to recommend e3d but they may want some cheaper options.

Authentic ones come from Hot-ends.com.

Do you know some reasonable supplier in EU?

Holy crap there’s even some in stock for once. Thanks Whosa

He loads the JHead stock every Friday morning or thereabouts. It usually sells out pretty quickly. It’s the best JHead (and the original) and the only JHead I use. There are some suppliers that stock them as well. Full disclosure I sell them in kit builds. He’s a good guy as well. Here’s a link to a comparison he did between his hot ends and the clones. http://jheadnozzle.blogspot.com/2013/11/is-j-head-real.html Make sure if you buy from a dealer that it’s the real deal. The dealers of the original JHead usually will be more than happy to brag about it. :wink:

Our Ubis hotend is $59 (assembled only) and another good alternative. Over 25,000 in the wild.

@Matt_Bordoni really? Isn’t that the same as the Metal Magma? It’s my understandig that those were pretty much the most jam-prone hot ends ever, and that that was a big contributing factor to Trinity Labs going under.

@Whosa_whatsis Aluhotend, unlike the Magma has a PTFE liner inside the SS tube.

For $59 shipped I have been very happy with the all metal reprapdiscount hexagon head from @PrintedSolid , and I cant say enough nice things about his before and after sale support. Prints both PLA and ABS great.

I really really like my e3ds. How’s it compare.