I'm working on a project to drive 420 to 480 APA102s in a single

I’m working on a project to drive 420 to 480 APA102s in a single string.
I’m using an Arduino Uno with hardware SPI and I run out of RAM around the 400 pixel count. The individual control of the LEDs is not super critical, if the CRGB leds[NUM_LEDS]; array was half the size, that would be great.
I’d like to modify (or create a copy of) FastLED.show() so that it writes out 2 pixels of data for each member of the leds[] array.

But I can’t find the FastLED.show() implementation where it writes out the SPI data.

Can you help me out here?


What about splitting the strip in two so your total pixels is 210 (or 240) and then feed the same data to both strips?

Or you could switch back and forth between sending data to one strip, then the other (sending either the same data, or something different).

Or consider buying a Teensy 3.2 and have boatloads of RAM and a faster chip. :slight_smile:

Sorry, can’t help with your modified show() idea. That’s too far under the hood for me.

Thanks, Marc. It’s one long strip. The write time is fine. I just need the LEDs spread out.
I have a Teensy 3.1 that I might mess around with. I was just hoping to develop the code on the Uno, then port it over to a micro Leonardo clone. The Teensy intimidates me.

Holy Moly. I’ve got it working on a Teensy3.1 !!! Dang that thing is fast. I can’t believe it was that easy!
I’m not driving APA102s with anything but a Teensy from now on.

Now I just have to find the power to run 8 meters of 144 led/m instead of 60led/m! This just got too easy.

Yeaaaay! :slight_smile: