I'm very interested in 3D printing.

I’m very interested in 3D printing. Does anyone have starter information? General knowledge I will need to know before I dive in? Thanks!

Try http://www.google.com. If you can’t do your own ‘research’ online, a tinkering project like a 3d-printer is not suitable for you.

It sounds harsh, but @Jan-Pieter 's advice is sound. 3D printing isn’t exactly a light hobby. I’d hit Youtube for 3D printing examples. Are you interested in buying one or visiting a local tech shop?

Yea, great welcome to this community. I have been searching the subject on google. That’s how I found the community. I was trying to engage a conversation for individuals that may be venturing into 3D printing. So, if you don’t have pertinent information/ documentation pertaining to my question, please don’t respond.

I was looking for information that a community member may created from their experiences.

Good starting Point No 1 is always: http://reprap.org/wiki/The_incomplete_reprap_beginner's_guide

Thank you sir.

It was a but mean, but the first comment really encapsulates my feelings about the current state of 3d printing.

On a $30k machine like a stratasys, the prints are pretty reliable. On a 600-2000 dollar machine, well, you must have patience. There will be times when things you want to make simply will not print. And there are 11 “knobs” (feed speed, table speed, temperature, material, and a load of software tweaks) you can adjust to make the print successful. Sometime you wait 8 hours to get the part and then it fucks up making the part useless.

That is what you are getting into. And that is why that first comment is appropriate.

@Robert_Hirsch don’t blame yourself, i know how hard answering “noob” questions (no offense @Shane_Cheek ) is - i work for Customer Support ^^

Also talking about reliable: I get really proper Prints from my Ultimaker all the time.

I have no idea how you do that job.

I should have added a :wink: somewhere…

@Nils_Hitze none taken. Thank you for your input. I like idea of 3D printing and it’s novelty.

Do all of you design your own parts/ creations? I am very limited in my knowledge of modeling, but have recently gotten a few free programs (mac based). Doing a search https://www.freelancer.com/search/CAD/ there seems to be many people able to provide CAD designs. In reflection, I guess it’s really what you want to accomplish.

What do most of you do? Do any of you prototype or do most of you simply do this as a hobby?


Many 3D printer owners use Thingiverse as the best free repository of printable designs. Search, download and print - it’s that easy.
When the printer is working, of course :wink: